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Montessori for the Digital Age

Montessori Australia recently hosted the “Montessori for the Digital Age Forum” featuring the noted digital parenting educator Dr Kristy Goodwin. In her workshop entitled “Plugged-in Childhoods”, Montessori leaders and educators were given evidence-based research and practical information about raising healthy children in the digital world. We present some of her tips here and would encourage […]


The Northwest Difference

What Sets Northwest Montessori Apart From Other Montessori Schools? If you are reading this, you may be looking for a preschool–and may be curious about whether Montessori is a preschool education that makes sense for your family. As you research Montessori, it is important to know that Montessori isn’t a trademarked term, nor a franchised […]


Encouraging the Scientist in Your Preschooler

If you follow the discussions about education reform and improvement, you will have heard much about the poor performance of Australian. students in the STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Whilst there is promise in some of the recommendations in Gonski 2.0 & the promotion of coding activities in Primary School, we feel there should […]


The Value of Unstructured Time

A common question we get asked by first year parents is What would I do to keep my children entertained without a screen? And: What if there is nothing more productive for them to do than use an iPad—wouldn’t it better to have a quality app than boredom and whining? For some well-meaning, busy parents, […]


Montessori & Technology

What do you think Montessori would say about Technology if she was alive today ? Would she condemn it, as being overly commercialised and abstract? Or would she embrace it, recommending the purchase of iPads in all of her schools? We think she’d see the issue in the same way she saw the role of […]